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      Wall mounted

      Like a work of art, a suspended sculpture of living flame, the wall hung stove offers a different point of view and appealing perspective.

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      Side glass

      A wide range of Morsø stoves are fitted with heat resistant glass on both sides which gives you a view of the flames from both front and sides.

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      Boiler stoves utilise some of the heat production to generate hot water which may then be used in a number of ways. This can include direct feed hot water, radiators or linked with other heating systems via a thermal store.

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      The radiant stove concentrates the heat around the stove itself. If you want cosiness and warmth close to the stove, the radiant stove is a good choice.

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      The convection models quickly distribute the heat widely into the whole room and are suitable as a primary heat source.

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      Outside Air Kit

      Stoves fitted with direct air kits take combustion air from outside the property, preventing the need for permanent ventilation in the room where the stove is installed.

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      Soap Stone

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  • Base
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      There are a wide range of Morsø stoves available on legs; many of these models can be installed with optional longer leg sets.

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      Open base

      The open base functions as a log store, a perfect location when refueling or simply used as an elegantly styled wood display.

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      The pedestal stove is for the people who love the appearance of a lightweight and graceful stove.

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      Low base

      A Morsø stove with a low base is perfect if you prefer an elegant, refined low level stove to enhance smaller rooms.

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      Medium base

      Medium bases bring a refinement and balance to a Morsø stoves. The medium bases are available as plain, log store and log drawer.

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      High base

      Morsø stoves with high base units, offer an unencumbered view of the beautiful flames from all aspects of the room. With the added benefit of high level refuelling and ease of operation desired by many customers.

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      Log Drawer

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