Stoves and the environment

Even if science tells us that a woodburning stove filled with dry, certified wood only accounts for a few percent of particulate emissions, and that all the rest comes from clothes, cooking, candles, it’s easy to assume that a cosy stove or candles are luxuries that environmentally responsible people should avoid. But is that really so?

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Morsø Forno Gas (UK OFFER)


When you buy a Gas Forno from one of our authorised dealers you will receive our fabulous MORSØ BBQ tool set worth £87.00 for FREE! Summer is here - what are you waiting for!

Morsø Forno Gas

Morsø 7110

Morsø 7110

A MODERN INTERPRETATION OF CLASSIC AMERICAN DESIGN. The Morsø 7110, designed specifically to meet the needs of the North American markets offers classic design elements with a modern presentation.

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Morsø 6148

Morsø 6148 - with beautiful curves

Morsø 6148 stands like a sculpture on its pedestal. A stove with a timeless and minimalist design, and a large glass door that provides an excellent view of the dancing flames.

Morsø Forno Udeovn

Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven

Open fire and a real Italian atmosphere - Morsø Forno is much more than a grill.

Køkkentøj i bund

Morsø Cookware

New Cookware from Morsø made of Cast iron - Stylish and tasteful

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