Morsø Forno Terra

£ 1,595.00

Bright sunshine, friends, family and fantastic food. Morsø Forno lifts your outdoor food preparation to a higher level and makes it possible to prepare special dishes easily and expertly.

Morsø Forno Terra is a grill and pizza oven on a square table with wheels (60 x 60 cm), which gives you the ability to turn or move the Forno - even while in use. It is easy to adjust for wind direction or to be nearer your guests.

The fire from the Forno functions as a natural gathering point, where everyone can enjoy the beautiful shape of the Forno and not least the cosy atmosphere. You can enjoy the warmth of the Forno late into the evening, along with an extra glass of wine. Morsø Terra is suitable for the smaller terrace and can stand outdoors the whole year round.

The Forno is self-cleaning, as the high temperatures burn and remove all oil and fat after food preparation, and leave the internal firebox sterile, clean and ready for use.

The whole set includes the following Morsø products:

Small outdoor table – Terra 60 x 60 cm
Tuscan Grill
Ash scraper
3 sacs of kindling wood

Download Forno Manual HERE

The complete set weighs 150 kg.

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