Morsø Outdoor Cookbook

£ 7.00

Product description

Morsø and food go together naturally. That is, food that we enjoy the most: Authentic, simple and meant to be savored.

You’ll find recipes for food that have one thing in common, whether they’re pizza, fish, meat, desserts or bread: Joie de vivre. The joy of cooking with great ingredients with great cookware.

Think of Morsø’s products as being one of the ingredients that goes into all dishes.
The Morsø Forno and Grill Forno bring together food and flames with an overwhelming authenticity - with a modern expression.

Kitchenware from Morsø opens up new possibilities and great taste sensations, whether you use the products on an open fire outside or inside in the kitchen.

They are beautiful to look at - and a pleasure to use, and as with all cast iron,
just get better and better with age.

Morsø and food will open up a new world for you when you open this book.