Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Traditionally, the meat is a porterhouse cut from Chianina cattle, raised in Val di Chiani near Arezzo in western Tuscany. You can, however, just as well use T-bone or strip steak. Ensure that the meat is well hung, and for two people you need a steak weighing 700-900 g and 4 cm thick.

Place the grill grate over the embers, which must be hot enough that you cannot hold your hand 10 cm above them for more than a couple of seconds. Leave the grate above the embers for a couple of minutes before adding the meat.

As soon as the steak releases itself from the grill, turn it over and salt the grilled side generously. When the steak frees itself again, turn and salt again. No need to worry about over-salting, as the grill rind ensures that the meat does not lose its juice. 

After a couple of minutes turn the steak, and add a little pepper. Turn again, add a little pepper - and that's it. 

Cooking only takes a few minutes, and the meat must still be red in the middle.