Cast Iron

The Original Cast Iron Stove

The quintessential wood-burning stove has always been crafted from cast iron, and it’s still the best material for a stove today. Just ask the Danes; they know their wood burners better than anyone.

Cast-iron stoves are timeless. Traditional. Efficient. Cosy. Many people have tried to produce stoves in cheaper, lighter materials but nobody has managed to make a wood-burning stove with the unique properties of cast-iron:

  • All stoves expand as they get hot, which can cause warping. However, cast iron transfers heat very slowly, which makes it well-suited to changing temperatures, so a Morsø cast-iron stove doesn’t twist or skew when it heats up.
  • We don’t weld our stoves (because that would weaken them). We bind them with ceramic string and bolt them together with screws, so your stove will always have a perfect seal.
  • Cast iron is very resistant to burn-through, so the walls of the stove won’t be damaged by the heat.
  • The cast iron we use at Morsø is almost twice as thick as the sheet iron some stoves are made from. So our wood-burning stoves retain their heat for longer.
  • Cast iron is better able to distribute heat than sheet iron, so the heat from a Morsø cast-iron stove always feels comfortable when you’re near it.
  • We give you a 10-year guarantee against casting and other production faults according to our warranty conditions.