TOP TIPS Morsø NAC Kitchenware

The “MORSØ N.A.C” series can be used on all heat sources - from traditional hotplates, ceramic and induction hotplates to electric and gas cookers. Cast iron only gets better and better with the years, and allows you to get the best taste out of your raw materials, whether you use a gas, induction or ceramic hotplate. All NAC kitchenware products except those with wooden handles can be used the oven.

“Morsø Cookware” is made of solid double enamelled cast iron. Cast iron cookware has for many decades proved its excellence as a suitable material for the noble art of cooking. Morsø has produced exclusive and functional cast iron pots and pans for several generations. The unique cast iron guarantees good quality and cannot be worn out. Therefore, each and every pan, pot and saucepan is a small piece of food history and will survive many food fads - an amusing thought.

Morsø Cast iron and induction - the perfect match
- not all pots and pans are suitable for induction hobs. Induction uses magnetic energy to generate heat. This is only possible if the saucepan or pan is made of metal containing iron. As cast iron is 100% magnetic, induction and Morsø’s N.A.C cast iron series of pans are a perfect match!