Maintenance and cleaning

- Coat the kitchenware regularly with vegetable fat or oil.

- Ensure that kitchenware is always thoroughly dry before use. 

- Preserve the good properties of cast iron by never using washing up liquid or the like. This will remove the ”taste” that only cast iron - advantageously - allows to
  build up. 

- Several shades (patina) on the product can only be a good thing - this is taste, oils and spices from previous use.

- Only ever wash with hot water and a soft brush, and never soak the cast iron in water. Elbow grease and pan scourers can be used for stubborn remnants, but it 
  should be possible to remove most with an ordinary washing up brush.

- The “MORSØ N.A.C.” series can be used on and in all heat sources - from traditional hotplates, ceramic and induction hotplates to electric and gas cookers. 
  However, products with wooden handles must not be used in an oven.

- NEVER drag the product across your hotplate - lift it instead.


- The roasting dish gives both meat and vegetables the perfect roasted finish and retains the juice in the raw materials, and the beautiful results with omelettes and
  deep pan pizza will please and impress. The roasting dish also serves as an aesthetically pleasing serving dish on the dining table.

- Use your Cocotte for a classic dish and give your roast the best conditions. The closed Cocotte keeps the food hot for a very long time on the dining table.

Make good use of the heat and fry your mushrooms without boiling them. This is possible due to the cast iron’s ability to retain the heat.

This cookware range provides the best conditions due to the constant heat, ensuring an even frying temperature and tastier dishes.

Put the N.A.C range directly on the dinner table – the cookware is aesthetic, beautiful and rustic and adds elegance to any dinner table.