Versatile cooking
With the Morsø Forno, your outdoor cooking will be a cut above the rest, letting you prepare something different, something special with ease and expertise. You can be the envy of your friends creating dishes like juicy steaks, smoked salmon, homemade crispy pizzas or delicious lamb steaks.

Self-cleaning system
When burning at a high temperature the Forno oven will burn off all oil and grease after cooking and will leave the inner fire chamber sterile and clean.

The dry wood will turn into a minimum amount of ash – you only need to remove the ash once a year! When the ash is cold, it can be used as fertiliser in your garden. A half bucket covers an area of 10 x 10 metres.

Morsø NAC – Cocottes and griddle pans
The cocottes and pans from Morsø are made of cast iron and are very useful for the Morsø Forno and Grill Forno. The new cookware range is able to retain the heat and the high temperatures reached in the Forno and Grill Forno.