Beautiful and practical arts and crafts of danish design

Morsø is Danish design. With designers such as Kaare Klint, Klaus Rath and Monica Ritterband having set the standards for the timeless Morsø design, our design history is long and steeped in tradition.

The essence of Morsø's design has always been the creation of a fusion that represents beautiful forging and practical functionality – by many referred to as arts and craft. At Morsø, we are mainly preoccupied with creating a product that will provide you with the right combination of adornment and practicality and, not least, a product that will give your home an atmosphere of warmth and tranquillity. By way of our candlesticks, tealight candle holders and vases we aim to provide your home with a warm, tranquil and cheerful atmosphere.

DIY candlestick – create a five- or seven-branched candlestick

With the beautiful Roots candlesticks, your only limit is your imagination. They are marketed as three-branch versions, but you can assemble them in your very own way, thus providing room for more candles. You can assemble the flexible branches entirely according to your preference. 



Porcelain vases of elegant design

Designer vases inspired by the natural elements of water, fire and wood. With his magnificent porcelain vases, the designer – Peter Svarrer – has created 3 different representations inspired by the ripples of a river, fire, the dance of sparkling flames and layers of annual growth rings that, year by year, are added round the trunks of trees.

In addition to being beautiful, each vase design has been manufactured in 3 practical and classic sizes, each serving their specific purpose: roses, cut flowers from the garden and spring sprigs.

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Trays – stylish trays for decorative and serving purposes

Trays have developed into multi-functional pieces of arts and crafts that are extensively applied for practical as well as decorative purposes. 

Though perfect decorative pieces, the elegant leather trays, designed by Jakob Wagner, also serves a number of practical purposes such as e.g. the depositing of keys, mobile phones, coins – in short: Anything you may find when you get home in the afternoon and empty your pockets. The full-grain leather gives the trays a rustic and elegant appearance which will only grow more elegant with the patina of time.

Wooden trays are practically indispensable in any kitchen – as practical serving tools but also for decorative or storage purposes.

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