Outdoor kitchens – Live life outdoors with a nice outdoor kitchen

Create delicious food for the whole family in an outdoor kitchen

As a rule, the barbecue season kicks in, in time for spring, but it is no longer just during the summer. For many it is more like the season never ends. The smell of barbecue is now spreading all year round and outdoor life is enjoyed and cultivated as never before.

Ever since the primitive man, human instinct has told us to cook our food on open fire. In fact, it is one of the most defining elements that separate us from other species on this planet. It is even argued that humans emerged as humans as a result of this unique trait. Maybe it is these primitive instincts that makes us want to go outside and cook our food as soon as the summer hits our us. We simply love to light up the bbq grill and enjoy the coziness of being outdoor with friends and family and eat freshly grilled veggies and meat. However, since our first fire more than two million years ago, our primitive barbecuing style has evolved. Today, we have brought our kitchens out in the garden, which lets us prepare delicious food outside, while enjoying a chilled glass of wine in the sun.


Take your complete kitchen outdoors

Denmark is, in proportion to the number of inhabitants, a country where people barbecue the most. With barbecue evenings the practical meal planning is forgotten and room is made for spontaneous fun, relaxation, stress relief, inspiration and not least for new delicious recipes.

While barbecuing has been popular for many years, the cooking of other food is often performed indoors. This has given ”Le Chef” access to fresh air and cold drinks, while the barbecue master's assistant mostly has been relegated to the kitchen. This can be changed at once by purchasing an outdoor kitchen! The whole family is gathered around the outdoor kitchen and participates in cooking, while the outdoor life can be enjoyed to the fullest.


What should the outdoor kitchen look like?

However, there are many different types of outdoor kitchens, and it is therefore important that you consider what you need in your particular outdoor kitchen. Should it be the simple and easy solution which invites for easy cooking, or should be more about an upgraded version, the outdoor kitchen complemented by work tables, canopies and running water?

Morsø has created an outdoor kitchen that combines functionally and Scandinavian design making it an essential garden accessory for the modern family. Morsø Garden Set is a grill on a large outdoor table on wheels, which gives gives you plenty of working area to prepare your favorite food. Shadow or in the sun? The wheels give you the ability to move the table around the terrace, giving you the flexibility to place it where you want. Furthermore, to minimize the hassle of walking back and forth all the time, the cooking table has room for decorative firewood, herbs and the most important utensils, so that they are always at hand.


Morsø Forno - The ultimate outdoor kitchen

No matter which version you want to install on your patio or in your garden, Morsø has, with its complete Forno set a unique bid at a great, beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen, which is in line with the entire Morsø modern outdoor concept. And then it must surely be simple and elegant at the same time?

Morsø Forno Garden is for anyone who values good food, originality and shared experiences. With clean lines and a simple, functional design, the award-winning Danish designer Klaus Rath has created a tailor-made stove for the home's lovely outdoor space. With Morsø Forno Garden set you have a complete outdoor cooking kit including the accessories you need to grill, roast and make delicious desserts right on your terrace. 

Great cooking in the open with the complete Morsø Forno set.

The complete Forno set consists of:
Forno outdoor oven
Outdoor table
Door for Forno outdoor oven
Ash Scraper
Fire Tongue

Morsø's amazing outdoor kitchen offers a wealth of opportunities, creates warmth and allows cooking everything from pizza, salmon and lamb to delicious desserts. Morsø have joined forces with renowned chef, Gorm Wisweh who offers his best selection of new gourmet recipes for the barbecue - prepared in outdoor kitchens and in the beautiful Forno oven.


Easy to use danish design and functionality

In addition to collaboration with famous chefs, Morsø also has the tradition of involving a number of known and renowned designers. Designer Klaus Rath develops product design and has worked closely with Morsø Foundry in developing the popular Forno set. Rath has focused on both function and aesthetics and has managed to create a unique outdoor kitchen that is perfectly suited for any patio or garden, and which completes your outdoor life - for life is to be lived outdoors.