Bagt torsk med rødder og cremet grønkål

Baked cod with root vegetables and creamed kale

4 persons

Approx. 600 g cod fillet in 4 thick and uniform pieces
1 kg mixed root vegetables (parsnips, carrots, turnip, swede)
A bunch of thyme
500 g kale
1/2 litre whipping cream
1 organic lemon
Butter for frying


Salt the cod fillets and set to one side.

Peel and cut the vegetables lengthwise into halves or quarters.

Heat up a roasting dish in the Forno, add a lump of butter and brown the vegetables with a couple of sprigs of thyme.

Destalk and clean the kale thoroughly and rip into coarse pieces.

Steam the kale until tender in a saucepan, approx. 5 mins.

Add the cream and cook until thickened a little. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Lay the cod fillets on top of the root vegetables and put the roasting dish back in the Forno. Fit the forno door, lay a moist dishcloth on top of the flue and smoke the cod and roots for approx. 5 mins.

Remove the dishcloth and bake for a further 5-10 min. until the fish is ready. Check the cod. It is ready when it feels like the flakes separate easily.

Arrange the creamed kale on the pl