Morsø 1126

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Product description

Morsø 1126 is a further development of the popular classic 1124, which was designed by architect Fister Bang from Nykøbing Mors, Denmark.

A popular classic wood burning stove, now equipped with a cool handle and a soot-free glass door.

Model 1126 has a high heat output and is one of Morsø’s largest convection stoves. The stove is supplied with riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan for easy ash removal. The stove can be fired with wood, briquettes, coal or petroleum coke and efficiently heats up to 135 sq. m.

Technical data

  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated secondary air supply
  • Ash Can
  • Airwash system
  • Tertiary Air
  • Riddling grate system
  • Removable handle
  • Wood
  • EN/N
  • DIN+/AT
Energy Performance Labelling Energimærkning
Rated Output (kw) 7,8
Operating Output (kw) 5-10
Heats (m2) 75 - 150
Height (mm) 860
Width (mm) 570
Dept (mm) 560
Flue outlet top Ø 150
Flue outlet rear Ø 150
Weight (kg) 140
Chamber Width (cm) 35
Clearance to combustibles
Rear (mm) 300
Sides (mm) 400