Morsø 4340

“Less is more” is the perfect description for the Morsø 4340

Product description

With its minimalistic and stylish shape, the Morsø 4340 blends in with its surroundings, where function and decoration go hand in hand.

It's made from black steel, which on a design level creates the perfect match for the black-edged glass sections and the slender, matt-polished steel handle.

The Morsø 4340 captures its surroundings with a visual charm - its slender and timeless exterior slides almost imperceptibly in, becoming an integral part of the room.

The spectacular glass door, exposing the view of the flames to the side and front, is easy to open and close with its elegant handle, designed as an integral part of the door. The automatic closing system ensures the door shuts tightly with suction you can barely hear.

The stove is fitted to the outside air connection at the back and bottom with an integral outside air box.

Technical data

  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combution air
  • Ash Can
  • Cold handle
  • Wood
  • DIN+
Energy Performance Labelling Energimærkning
Rated Output (kw) 4,7
Operating Output (kw) 3-7
Heats (m2) 45 - 105
Height (mm) 1514
Width (mm) 392,5
Dept (mm) 392,5
Flue outlet rear Ø 150
Weight (kg) 151
Chamber Width (cm) 36
Clearance to combustibles
Rear (mm) 100
Sides (mm) 800
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