Stone set for Morsø Forno


Product description

The prerequisite for a fantastic, crisp pizza is a pizza stone. Morsø's beautiful and popular Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven is inspired by the classical, Italian stone oven, and the integrated set of stones ensures tasty pizzas etc. for family and friends.

It is important to heat the stone thoroughly before use. For pizza making, the stone must be very hot, and there must be living flames. The optimal temperature of the stone on which you bake the pizza is 250-300 °C. Place the pizza directly on the baking stones and turn it at short intervals for even baking. After just a few minutes you will have a delicious pizza.

The Morsø Forno stone is made of ceramic tile, and the set consists of 1 central stone, 1 rear stone and 3 stone side panels. The stones withstand particularly high temperatures up to 1250 °C and have similarly been tested down to -20°C.