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About Morsø


Feeling and functionality

Scandinavian design is characterised by the balance between simplicity, organic aesthetics and functionality. Since 1853, Morsø Jernstøberi has been synonymous with quality, functionality and unique innovative solutions – always created through the same Scandinavian approach to design which, at one and the same time, makes allowance for the concrete function and the surroundings created by the product.

Morsø has a long design history, steeped in tradition, and over the years, for instance Kaare Klint, Klaus Rath, Monica Ritterband and many other well-known designers have set the standard for the timeless Morsø design. An important element of Morsø's design philosophy is the creation of continuity between the various products – aesthetically and functionally. This means that the individual product will always be created with its own unique expression and function but, also, that it will be characterised by the distinct connecting thread of design principles which runs through the entire Morsø collection.