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Why design is important

Elegant design is about emotions, but – in particular – about practical value. Therefore, we are preoccupied with creating timeless, yet modern, design in combination with high-quality Danish crafts. It is a matter of proud artisanal traditions and quality design. We like to take the lead – in matters of design as with respect to functionality and environment.

Good ideas should preferably last forever

To us, the prevailing material will always be black cast iron. This is because the unique cast iron is imperishable and, also, it retains heat.

Cast iron is for the duration of a lifetime, and this is precisely what we wish for our products. Hence, the design must also be timeless. The conception of timeless design is a time-consuming process, and we spend a long time on all that we do – right from idea and design to the finished product. In turn, you can rest assured that we put in considerable efforts. 

A perfect fusion of adornment and practicality

We collaborate with many different designers who, owing to their trade, master the art of designing things with the capacity for creating gathering places in many people's homes.

Our art stands out from what we generally understand by art, as it has been intended for a concrete purpose. Some will refer to this as industrial design, whereas others may dare to call it arts and crafts. In both cases, however, the very art consists of the creation of the perfect balance between a concrete practical value and an experienced emotional value. The creation of a product that will establish the framework for good experiences full of cheer whilst also looking beautiful in the home. The perfect fusion between adornment and practicality.

See good design in use

Everyone can say that they take an interest in design and in form and function – or adornment and practicality, if you like. However, we would like to demonstrate that we actually put action behind our words.

See woodburning stoves being created – how we shape the world