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The warm feeling of home

In northern Europe, a relaxed and happy home is one of the most important things in life. Well entrenched in our comfortable homes we focus around the unique Danish term, hygge, a term which so many have tried to translate, hoping to recreate it somewhere else in the world.  It has never really succeeded which is due in reality to one very simple reason. The term hygge cannot be defined because it is a sense of wellbeing. Hygge is the name of a feeling and an atmosphere which is found in the very essence of our surroundings. It can be a smell, a warmth, a light in the dark or even the calmness in a crackling fire. Even the weather which so often returns us to the shelter of our homes, is a part of the thing we call Hygge. Hygge is a name. A cosy, inviting and safe name. Hygge is your home.