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Gorm's Smoked Wild Garlic Salmon with Herby Cottage

Recipe by: Gorm Wisweh
Serves: 4


Blend salt, sugar, freshly milled pepper and chopped wild garlic (ramsons) together and rub into the fleshy side of the salmon.

Let it stand for 1-2 hours, or preferably overnight.

Warm through the grill forno, but not to grilling temperature. Stoke up rather more cautiously.

Scrape off any remaining salt-sugar mixture. Lay the salmon fleshy side up on the grill insert.

Drizzle smoking powder into the forno and wait for 1 minute.

Place the salmon into the forno, put on the lid and lay a wet cloth over the chimney. This well and truly concentrates the smoke.

Smoke for 20 minutes and check whether the salmon is nearly ready by pressing it gently. If it flakes, it is ready. Otherwise, give it another 5-10 minutes without the lid and cloth on the chimney, so that the forno gets more air.

In the meantime, cut the radishes into thin slices, possibly using a mandolin, and lay them in iced water.

Chop all the herbs semi-fine and mix with the cottage cheese and cream. You could also add a few drops of lemon juice or lime juice.

Stir the herby cottage cheese and halved potatoes together and garnish with crisp slices of radish.

Serve on the side with the still-warm salmon.

Danish lunch Forno style!


  • 600 g fresh salmon with skin. Preferably in a single piece.
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 400 g potatoes boiled with salt, bay leaves and a couple of garlic cloves. They must still have a bit of bite.
  • Dill, parsley, chives, lovage or any of your other favourite herbs - don't hold back!
  • 200 g radishes
  • 200 ml cottage cheese
  • A dash of cream
  • 1 handful smoking powder