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About Morsø

Cast Iron

Warm, beautiful and everlasting

Any woodburning stove will expand when getting hot. However, cast iron possesses a heat stress which makes the material especially well suited to varying temperatures. As a result, a Morsø cast iron oven will neither warp nor become distorted after heating.

Morsø's cast iron models are not welded but rather assembled using ceramic string and by being bolted together with screws. Thus, you will never experience your oven to become leaky – just as it will continue to be good for lighting a fire.

Cast iron is resistant to burnout. The material thickness of the cast iron we use at Morsø ensures that the woodburner will retain heat for a long time. Cast iron has a high heat-distribution capacity which means that the heat from a Morsø woodburner will always feel comfortable and nice to be near. The foundry goods carry a ten-year guarantee with respect to material and manufacturing defects.