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Wood Burning Stove

The traditional woodburning stove by Morsø is as loved as it is well-known. The timeless, yet modern, design combined with genuine, Danish craftsmanship is the basic essence of Morsø.

Also, the majority of Morsø's woodburners are certified according to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Thus, you will not only have an efficient heating source, you will also have an more environmentally friendly solution, as the oven meets even the most rigorous environmental requirements.

Buying a woodburner

Morsø will be pleased to help you find a dealer who will not only provide optimal professional advice, but also ensure that not only will you get the perfect woodburner solution, but also the very best service.

Here, we present you with an overview of all our wonderful woodburners:

New woodburner – choose the optimal woodburning stove

Morsø is synonymous with high quality and solid materials. The heat from the exquisitely designed cast-iron woodburner is absolutely unique. You will not find any other material that is equally capable of generating such stable and controlled heat which will slowly spread a comfortable warmth among the entire household. The Morsø woodburners are particularly well suited for any type of home – regardless of size, layout and construction.

The elegant Danish design is just one among a number of factors that contributes to the uniqueness of the Morsø woodburners. All Morsø's models are made from sturdy materials that will retain the same wonderful quality for many years to come. You can, for instance, choose one of our beautiful stoves featuring our well known, classic squirrel motif – ready to become the centre of your house for many decades to come.

Woodburners with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Most Morsø woodburning stoves are swan-labelled and thus meet one of the world's most rigorous environmental requirements. In other words, Morsø's woodburners will only affect our environment to a very small degree which also applies to packaging and production. You will therefore get one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient heating sources available on the world market.

Which woodburner?

Morsø provides woodburning stoves that will meet any demand. Many of our stoves for instance have built-in storage space for wood, thus facilitating indoor storage of your logs, keeping them dry as well as within reach when the flames are slowly dying out. You can e.g. get the popular Morsø 6843 woodburner with log storage, which will fit perfectly into rooms with moderate heating requirements.

Small woodburner of classic design

Are your taste in the direction of one of the more classic and old-fashioned stoves featuring our characteristic squirrel on the sides, the potential is considerable. There is for instance the small, charming and well-known Morsø 1412 woodburning stove with squirrel sides or the Morsø 2B standard oven with glass door, an almost identical version of the original 1930s oven. Regardless of your choice, you will get a woodburner applying the most novel combustion technology and meeting even the most rigorous environmental requirements.

Accessories for woodburners

Buy the Morsø set of fire irons, in black