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2 years warranty.

Oiled wooden products should be treated with a vegetable cooking oil before first use; repeat every month to optimise durability. Always use a food-approved oil such as cold-pressed rapeseed or sunflower oil. Apply a rich layer of oil and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe the product thoroughly with a dry cloth and let the product rest for 10-12 hours before use.
Over time, the oil treatment disappears and the fibres will raise up. If the surface is very rough, we recommend a light sandpaper treatment (max. 220 grit) in the direction of the grains. Remember to clean thoroughly. Apply oil following sanding.

Wash the wooden product immediately after use.
Do not leave a soiled wooden product unwashed for too long. Clean your product thoroughly with a mild soap and wipe it with a tea towel. Leave to air dry. Moisture cannot evaporate if you put away your product in a drawer or similar too quickly.

Never clean your wooden products in a dishwasher.
The high temperatures and humidity of dishwashers are harmful to wooden products. If placed in a dishwasher, wooden products may crack.
Wooden products will patinate with regular TLC and become prettier as time passes.

Morsø wooden products are made from oak tree which is unique in that its natural content of bactericidal tannin is very high. The effects of the tannin in oak tree has been known and used for many years in the wine industry. They have been storing wine in oak barrels for centuries to increase the amount of tannin which increases the shelf life markedly due to the lower bacterial content.

Congratulations on your new wooden product from Morsø.

  • Regularly grease the kitchenware series in vegetable fat or oil.
  • Make sure that the kitchenware is always thoroughly dry prior to use.
  • Maintain the fine properties of the cast iron by never using dishwashing soap or similar agents. Doing so would remove the ”flavour” that is so characteristic of only cast iron and which it would be preferable to retain.
  • More nuances (patina) of the product is only an advantage – this is namely flavour, oils and spices from previous use.
  • Always use only hot water and a soft brush to rinse. Also, you must never leave cast iron to soak in water for longer periods of time. Elbow grease and scrub sponge can be used in case of stubborn spots – though most should be dealt with by an ordinary dishwashing brush.
  • NEVER pull the product across your cooking plate – you should rather lift it.