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Kitchenware in cast iron from Morsø

The Morsø N.A.C series

For several generations, Morsø has been manufacturing select and functional cooking pots, casseroles and pans of cast iron. The Morsø N.A.C. cookware series was made in celebration of Niels Andreas Christensen who, in 1853, founded the iron foundry, Morsø Jernstøberi. Our unique cast iron, warranting good quality, will never wear out. This is why, after the passage of 160 years, cast iron still remains the new black.

The Morsø kitchenware is manufactured in durable twice enamelled cast iron.

Cast iron is perfect for induction

Because induction uses magnetic energy to generate heat.

This is only feasible if the pot or pan is made from ferrous metal. As cast iron is 100% magnetic, induction and the Morsø cast-iron kitchenware series, N.A.C., constitute a perfect match!

The MORSØ ”N.A.C” series can also be used on all other heat sources – from conventional hotplates, glass ceramic and induction plates to electrical and gas cookers. Cast iron will get increasingly better as years go by, thus providing you with optimal opportunities for getting the best taste from your produce, regardless whether you use a gas, induction or ceramic cooker. With the exception of cookware products equipped with wooden handles, all products in the N.A.C. series are oven-proof. 

Practical and stylish

”Fantastic to work with because the heat is kept at a constant – thus providing more even roasting and tastier meat”.

Exploit the high temperature – e.g. for frying your mushrooms without boiling them. This is owing to the cast iron's excellent heat retaining capacity.

Serve directly from the N.A.C. at your dinner table – it is of such aesthetic and rustic beauty that it suits every table. The series comprises pots, pans and cocotte.

The griddle pan for both meat and vegetables gives precisely the right crust and retains the juice of the produce, just as the beautiful results of the omelette and deep-pan pizza will both impress and give pleasure. Moreover, when used as a serving dish, the griddle pan contributes aesthetical beauty to the dinner table.

Use your cocotte for a classic dish and provide optimal conditions for your simmer dish. At the dinner table, the lidded cocotte will keep the food warm for a very long time.

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