Get the most efficient fire in your wood burning stove

Before you start using your Morsø stove, there are a few things which are useful to bear in mind.

The first couple of times you use the stove, keep the fires small to allow the paint to cure before making larger fires.

The air control settings, lighting methods and the firing intervals will vary depending on the chimney draught, the wind direction and climatic conditions, the heating requirements and the fuel being used. Therefore, it may take a while before you are completely familiar with how to operate your stove correctly under various conditions.

Although you can use your Morsø stove with almost all kinds of wood, you should not use wet or green wood. Wood should be stored under cover for at least 1 year, and preferably 2 years, and open to the air.  Wood should be chopped as soon as possible after felling if it is to dry quickly.

Use wood with a maximum moisture content of 20%. Using a MORSO moisture meter will ensure your wood is of the correct moisture content.



As shown in the picture to the left you need the following:

2 fire lighthers (or 5-10 scrunched-up sheets of newspaper)

1 kg of dry kindling

Approx. 1-1½kg of chopped firewood




You should always have an insulating layer of ashes from previous firings in the bottom of the fire chamber.

2-3 cm of ash is a suitable base for the wood.

Start by placing a couple of logs, approximately 500g, in the bottom of the burn chamber.




Light the paper.



The flames work their way slowly downwards from the top



After 5-10 minutes the heat will produce draught through the chimney, and the door can be shut.



After approximately 35-40 minutes, the last flames go out, and a good layer of embers has been formed. More wood should be added while there are still embers. Use a poker or ash scraper to spread the embers, but ensure that most of them are at the front of the stove.



Place 2-3 pieces of wood of approx. 0.5 kg each and approx. 25 cm long over the embers in a single layer, with a distance of approx. 1 cm between each piece.

When the air controls are opened fully, and the door is closed, the wood will ignite within 2-3 minutes.




Finally, adjust the air supply control to the required position to give optimal combustion. Maintaining a good fire box temperature will ensure secondary combustion of the smoke and gases giving a clean and efficient burn. The stove should be refuelled before only glowing embers remain.