Design your own outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen after your heart

Even though you live in Denmark, it is perfectly feasible to have an outdoor kitchen. Especially if you equip it with Morsø's durable products in cast iron.

It is important that you consider what you will require from an outdoor kitchen to suit your particular preferences. Will it be the straightforward and simple solution encouraging easy cooking? – Or will it rather be an upgraded version complemented by workbenches, porch roofing and running water?

Regardless of the version you intend to set up on your terrace or in your garden, Morsø's complete Forno assembly is a unique example of an amazing, elegant and functional outdoor kitchen, in line with the entire Morsø modern outdoor concept. And, after all, why not a solution that is simple and sophisticated at one and the same time?

Outdoor kitchen by Morsø

Morsø's amazing outdoor kitchen holds a wealth of opportunities, creates a warm atmosphere and facilitates the cooking of anything from pizza, salmon and lamb to delicious desserts. Morsø has teamed up with the well-known Danish chef, Gorm Wisweh who proposes new gourmet recipes for the barbecue – prepared in outdoor kitchens and in the elegant Forno oven. 

Other than collaborating with well-known chefs, Morsø also upholds its tradition of involving a number of known and recognised designers. 

The designer and developer of product design, Klaus Rath worked in close collaboration with Morsø Jernstøberi during the development of the popular Forno assembly. Focusing on function as well as aesthetics, Rath successfully created a unique outdoor kitchen – perfect for any terrace or garden, completing your outdoor life – as life should be lived outdoors.

The complete Forno assembly comprises:

Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven View Product
Morsø Garden Outdoor Table View Product
Morsø Ash Scraper View Product
Morsø Fire Tongs View Product

Prepare delicious food for the entire family in an outdoor kitchen

As a rule, the barbecue season is launched in the spring, but it has gradually evolved to span more than just the summer. In fact, many people are rather of the opinion that the season never ends. Nowadays, we can experience wafting barbecue aromas all year round, and outdoor life is enjoyed and practised as never before.

Relative to its number of citizens, Denmark is one of the most barbecuing nations. Together with the introduction of barbecue evenings, practical meal plans are set aside, leaving room for spontaneous pleasant enjoyment, relaxation, stress reduction, inspiration and – not least – new delicious recipes.

While barbecuing has been popular for many years, the preparation of the rest of the meal mainly took place indoors. This provided access to fresh air and cool drinks for ”Le Chef”, whereas, most frequently, the assistant of the barbecue master was relegated to the kitchen. This can be changed at one stroke through the purchase of an outdoor kitchen! This will enable the entire family to gather round the outdoor kitchen and participate in the preparation of the food – all the while enjoying outdoor life to the full. 

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