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Rotisserie - Grande

GBP 229.00

In general, a rotisserie for a grill is solely intended as a functional expansion. Not so for Morsø, however... Function-wise, the rotisseries for Morsø’s popular Morsø Forno Gas Grande og -Medio are designed to supplement the grill’s original characteristic and simple design. The maintenance of the overall design profile whilst at the same time securing optimal quality and functionality was an indispensable requirement for Morsø as for the designer, Klaus Rath. The beautifully curved screen in stainless steel elegantly wedges itself under the lid of the grill, thus establishing ample room for the rotation of even considerable quantities, just as there is room for a meat-juice collector between the rotator and the grilling core. An even rotation thus facilitates the easy and simple achievement of a beautifully, deliciously and uniformly grilled product. When using the rotisserie, the heat levels of the grill are reduced slightly. The rotisserie is easily cleaned, and all steel parts are dishwasher proof.

Material: Screen, skewer and prongs in steel (304), black plastic handle. 
Cord 1400 mm.
Screen: H260(42) x W640 x D480 mm
Weight: 4,7 kg