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Maintenance Kit - Forno Gas Serie

GBP 39.00

Maintenance of Morsø Forno Gas Product Series
The lid and pan of the Morsø Forno Gas BBQ are in precision-cast aluminium, whereas the cooking
grate is made of sturdy enamel-coated cast iron. The materials have been carefully selected in order to provide you with good cooking experiences with your new BBQ, which, at the same time, also needs to be easy to clean.
For everyday cleaning, the cast-aluminium surfaces can be wiped with a damp cloth or washed with a mild solution of soft soap when the grill is cold. Preferable use demineralised water, as ordinary water can leave limescale. The surface can, however, become slightly oxidised and grey in colour over time, but it can easily be revitalised with The Morsø Repair Kit for outdoor use.
Always wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling the paint!
Patina will eventually appear on all outdoor products! When the surface fades or scratches occur, it can be gently cleaned with the enclosed fine sand paper/emery paper. Make sure the surface is totally clean and dry before applying a new, thin layer of the Morsø Forno Gas Repair Paint.
To preserve your Morsø Outdoor products, we recommend the Morsø Forno Gas covers when not in use and storing them in a dry place (indoors) over the winter period.

The set consists of 1 abrasive sponge, grain 180 and 400 ml heat-resistant spray paint. Shake the spray paint thoroughly before use.