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Forno Multi

GBP 3,699.00

Forno Multi is intended as an all-in-one oven and outdoor fireplace, facilitating the exploitation of the advantages of both wood-burning and gas. The shape and size is identical with the original Forno, and, similarly, it is manufactured in cast iron. It has the same capacity, and much more.
Firewood provides good taste for the food as well as a cosy atmosphere. Throughout the ages, we humans have always prepared our food this way.
With gas, the oven warms up faster, and it is easier to control the temperature. This temperature control may for instance be an advantage for baking, or if the food, you are preparing, takes time. Here, it will be possible to keep a constant temperature – which may be a challenge if your heat source is firewood.
It is also possible to combine firewood and gas. For instance, you can use the lower burner whilst – at the same time – using firewood, if you wish to obtain more crust on your pizza. Or you can use the upper burner if the preparation of the top is taking too long. And, if speed is of the essence, you can combine both.
The cabinet hides the gas cylinder, and – being on wheels – the oven is easily moved. Each side is equipped with a stainless steel bracket for hanging tools and equipment. The stainless adjustment buttons are easily accessed on the front and logical and simple to operate.
Enjoy your Forno Multi!



Weight in total: 178 kg
Dimensions (LxHxD): 740 x 1557 x 746 mm
Grilling surface (LxD): 480 / 540 mm

Gas system:
Heat effect: 19,9kW
Mass flow: G30:1448.2 g/h; G31: 1422.3 g/h
Gas type: Liquid gas (propane, butane)
Ignition: Pushbutton pulse igniter
Heat input in total: 19,9kw (G30:1448.2 g/h; G31: 1422.3 g/h)