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Forno Outdoor Oven Package

Common price: GBP 1,547.00
SAVE GBP 848.00
GBP 699.00

Forno Package:
Morsø Forno Stove, Forno Cover and Fire Divider

Morsø Forno is much more than a grill – by using the Forno, you will be able to cook tasty and versatile dishes.
Now you can experience for yourself how easily delicious food can be produced – from juicy Steaks to smoked salmon, homemade crispy pizzas or delicious lamb steaks.

Facilitating a division between the firewood and your pizzas or any other food being prepared, the Morsø Fire Divider will contribute to prevent your food from getting burnt edges.

The Forno Cover is highly suitable for extra protection against rain and drizzle, which will inevitably dirty the stove when it stands outdoors and unprotected.

Forno: Material: Double-coated cast iron
Dimensions: Ø75 x H60 cm
Weight: 96 kg

Fire Divider: Material: brushed stainless steel 430
Dimensions: H10 x B40 x D10 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg

Forno Cover: Material: 100% Polyester. Water- / UV resistant
Colour: Black

Accessories for your Forno

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IMPORTANT: MAINTENANCE: At regular use and exposure to wind and weather, wear and tear as well as patina will always occur on outdoor products. This is absolutely normal and, thus, also applies to Morsø Outdoor products. Thus, scratches and the formation of corrosion will occur but may, however, easily be repaired by way of the maintenance kit. Using the maintenance kit, you will be in a position to touch up your Morsø Forno and, practically, make it appear as new.

We always recommend the use of a Morsø cover for the protection of your grill when it is not being used. Important! – Before covering up you grill, always ensure that it is completely cooled off and dry.