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Morsø Forno Spin+ Package

Common price: GBP 1,571.00
SAVE GBP 372.00
GBP 1,199.00

This set consist of:
Morsø Forno Spin + Morsø Terra Table + Morsø Pizza Peel + Morsø Pizza & Herb Cutter + Cover for Morsø Forno Spin & Terra Table

Morsø Forno Spin makes it easy, fast and fun to bake the perfect pizza. The standout feature of this elegant new product from Morsø is the rotating pizza stone, which, when electrically activated, always ensures a completely evenly baked pizza. No more having to turn the pizza by hand!
Simply place the unbaked pizza dough with toppings in the oven and after only 1-2 minutes, take out the perfectly done, piping hot pizza and serve.
Morsø Forno Spin easily reaches the high temperature that’s optimal for pizza baking.
Like the other products in the Morsø Outdoor range, Morsø Forno Spin is about much more than just optimal function!
With its design and materials, Forno Spin is a natural part of the rest of the stylish Morsø Outdoor range. It’s perfectly suited for the various outdoor tables: together, the oven and table form a harmonious, mobile whole.

The oven itself is heated with gas, while the stone is rotated electrically.

IMPORTANT: The pizza stone must rotate during heating.

Temperature - measured in the middle of the stone - after:
• 5 min. = 250° • 10 min. = 320° • 15 min. = 360° • 20 min. = 410°
• 25 min. = 432°
(The test was carried out outdoors and in normal weather, no wind and no rain.)

Height: Cabinet 35 cm
Depth: 53 cm
Width: Cabinet 57 cm
Weight: 17 kg
Diameter electric, rotating pizza stone: 40 cm/15,7 inch
Electric motor / 2 rotation speeds: 1.5 RPM / 3,0 RPM
Burner: 6 KW
Colour: Anthracite
Frying plate Pizza stone
Base/table material Nylon
Body Material: Aluminum
Designer: Klaus Rath
Gas system - Product: Gas Pizza BBQ 
Heat output: N/A - Burner setup: 1 burner (N/AkW)  
Rotary Ignition System: Piezo Ignition.
Integrated thermometer - Certified to CE and UKCA standards