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We believe in making you feel at home

Morsø Design

The ideas, the drawing and the construction behind every Morsø design always form a synthesis of an integral whole in which exquisite design and functionality are of equal importance to the creation of a particular space for people and experiences.

Morsø Outdoor is once again turning up the heat for togetherness, warmth and atmosphere outdoors

Together with some of the most recognized designers of the time, we have created a broad outdoor concept that makes outdoor life cozier, more beautiful, more exclusive and exciting. Eg. the elegant Morsø Forno Spin, which makes it both easy, fast and fun to make the perfect pizza. Forno Spin, which is particularly distinguished by the rotating pizza stone, which always ensures a completely uniform baked pizza - no more rotating the pizza manually, or the Morsø Forno Gas series, which not only offers the basic grill functions, but also makes a beautiful contribution to the outdoor environment with a safe and stylish design.
Design creates space for people