As we all know, choosing can be quite difficult – also when it comes to finding the perfect Morsø grill, outdoor oven or fire pit. Some of the products are even all-in-one. You can choose between many exciting models.

How about the multifunctional Morsø Grill Forno II? Or a Grill ’17 as an outdoor kitchen? Or how about the nice, little Morsø Jiko outdoor stove?

All Morsø products are of the very best quality and they are all made for you. So, what do you have to consider when looking for the perfect Morsø Grill? We have put together a short guide that shows you the differences between the various grills so that you can figure out which one meets all your needs.


Morsø Forno – the king of grills and outdoor ovens

Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven View Product

Morsø Forno is the multifunctional outdoor oven created by the Danish award-winning designer Klaus Rath and made of solid cast iron from top to bottom. The design behind this model is based on the traditional, Italian stone ovens known for their unique frying, baking and grilling features.

Juicy T-bone steaks, home smoked salmon, home-made pizza with a crispy crust and delicious lamb shanks are just a few examples of tasty dishes that you can easily prepare in your beautiful Forno.

More than just a grill

With Morsø Tuscan grill, your Morsø Forno is easily turned into a standard grill. Place the grate directly above the glowing charcoal inside the oven and add the perfect smoked taste and grill marks to anything from steaks to asparagus. If you want to smoke or slow cook something, the Forno door, made of stainless steel, is an indispensable accessory in this exclusive and decorate “outdoor kitchen”.

Apart from the Tuscan grill and oven door, you can also get an ash scraper with blow function, fire tongs and a pizza peel as nice accessories for your outdoor oven, and the customised Morsø tables on wheels raise the oven up to a comfortable work height and offer plenty of space for firewood. Morsø Terra is the smallest table and it is suitable for small terraces or as part of an existing outdoor kitchen. Morsø Garden is a mini kitchen in its own right that offers highly practical preparation and storage space.

Warm and cosy – all year round

When the stomachs are full, the oven turns into a beautiful sculpture that creates a cosy atmosphere in the dusk. The orange flames perform their captivating play by the opening and as the hot summer day turns into a cooler evening, the warm rays from the oven create an evocative atmosphere.

When to choose a Forno?

Forno is for people who want a good-quality, multifunctional product. People who want to cook in a proper, wood-fired outdoor oven with the option of using it as a grill, an outdoor fire pit or a pizza oven.   

Morsø Grill Forno – when you want it all

Morsø Grill Forno View Product

You want it all in just one Morsø product: grill, outdoor oven and outdoor fire pit. Your grill has to be multifunctional and provide unlimited options for cosiness and creativity.

Morsø Grill Forno is a multi-functional Grill, it has a wide opening to the fire pit which not only leaves a large room for cooking – it also provides greater view of the flames and, thus, contributes to a more congenial bonfire atmosphere.

The cast-iron insert has been upgraded – function-wise as design-wise – which means that, it works as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid and increased oxygen intake that improves burning conditions considerable. Finally, the positioning of the beautiful wooden legs has been turned 180 degrees, thus making it possible to get quite close to the front of Grill Forno, when the cool of evening creeps up on you – or when great ideas are to be thought up by the glow of the flames.

The optional purchase of separate equipment lends Grill Forno even greater application potential – for instance, as a smoking chamber.

When to choose a Morsø Grill Forno?

Morsø Grill Forno is perfect for you if you want a beautiful, multifunctional grill that provides easy access to the food and a nice, large view of the crackling fire.

Morsø Balcone – electric grill

Morsø Balcone - electric BBQ View Product

 An increasing number of people live in multi-storey housing and in this context, we see balconies popping up all across the urban landscape. We need not miss out on outdoor living, just because we live in town. And outdoor living is practically inseparable from people congregating around the grilling experience.

However, open flames on city balconies are frequently banned, and – unless you are the owner of a jumbo-size iron balcony – a classic grill will take up much of the scant outdoor living space. The Morsø Balcone was driven by the ambition to develop a grill that would enable everyone – including the urban dwellers – to enjoy the special feeling of togetherness which occurs when people gather around a grill. Using electricity rather than charcoal or gas, and by optimising the shape of the product to match the concrete situation, we have developed a grill that meets precisely this ambition. The design establishes a balance between a modern product, a modern lifestyle and the authenticity and honesty that we link with the Morsø brand– a design that also makes it easy to grill.

Accessory: An adjustable fitting for Morsø Balcone which can be used in combination with practically any railing/balcony type.

When to choose Morsø Balcone?

You should opt for this fine Balcone electric grill, if you have access to a balcony and would like a delicious grilled meal – or you can use it for the camper van, the boat, or the caravan – or simply because it provides you with a fantastic speedy and easy opportunity for grilling.

Morsø Forno with gas

Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo View Product

Morsø Forno Gas Medio View Product

Morsø Forno Gas Grande View Product

Morsø Forno Gas Piccolo is a small, handy gas grill with a singly burner, providing the basic grill function while also contributing elegantly to the outdoor environment, owing to its unfailing and stylish design.

Morsø Forno Gas Medio with 2 burners was the first of the now 3 beautiful gas grills within the, by now, quite comprehensive Morsø outdoor range. 

Morsø Forno Gas Grande is a large, impressive gas grill with 3 burners and a grilling surface of D580xB705 mm in total.


The hood and bowl are in precision-cast aluminium, whereas the enamelled cooking grate is in solid cast iron. The materials have been carefully selected in order that your new gas grill will not only provide an optimal cooking experience, as the cooking surface is also easy to clean. All 3 burners are integrated with a thermometer incorporated in the high domed hood.

The minimalistic handle completes the shape of the front – design-wise as ergonomically. At the same time, the four-legged frame means a stable foundation which – naturally and discretely – provides space for the control panel as well as the gas-supply connection.

The grill has a user-friendly rotary ignition system. Supplied with gas hose, the grill is ready for use when delivered. All you have to do is to connect your new gas grill with a gas cylinder.

The grilling area of the gas grill is carried out in glass-enamelled cast iron, thus facilitating easy grilling of the meat into a delicious dish without several hours’ previous or subsequent cleaning.

All in all, you get a beautiful, easy to maintain, high-quality gas grill.

Which gas grill to choose?

If you love to grill all year round, a gas grill may be just the thing for you. Here, there is no must as to weather conditions. Consider which size to choose: Are you just cooking for 2 persons, or is space restricted – or does space not present any problem, and are you keen on grilling to an extent that encompasses the entire menu?

Morsø Grill 17 – the grill for your outdoor kitchen

Morsø Grill '17 View Product

Naturally, Morsø also provides other products for outdoor life - especially for you who loves to use your outdoor kitchen! Take for instance the Morsø Grill ’17. This cast-iron grill of stylish design allows charcoal, briquettes, and ordinary wood as heating sources. This way, you are free to choose the material for stoking up your grill and thus provide just the right flavour for your food.

Morsø Grill ’17

With a height of 95 cm, a width of 74 cm and a weight of 76 kg, Morsø Grill ’17 offers you plenty of space when cooking for the entire family. It simply gives you more options. The base of Morsø Grill ’17 is shaped as a “pot” and it has a grill grate and a frying plate that you can move out to the side and adjust in height so that you can use them separately. As an example, this allows you to grill meat on the plate at high heat whilst preparing vegetables and bread on the grate at a lower temperature. Apart from being of a very good quality, Morsø Grill ’17 is also a beautiful piece of Danish design furniture for your terrace.

When is a Morsø Grill ’17 the right choice for you?

If you have a big terrace and want to make the most of the option of preparing an entire meal for friends and family in one go – then Grill ’17 is the ideal Morsø Grill for you.

Morsø Grill ’71 Table

Morsø Grill '71 Table View Product

Morsø Grill ’71 Table is a new interpretation of the iconic Morsø Grill ’71 – but in a smaller version with a height of 31 cm, a diameter of 33 cm and a weight of 12.75 kg. That makes Morsø Grill ’71 Table the perfect place to prepare and enjoy a cosy meal with all your favourite dishes from the grill. This Morsø grill has a moveable grate just like Morsø Grill ’71, meaning that you can also prolong cooler evenings by using Grill ‘71 Table as a cosy fire bowl before and after dinner.

Should I choose a Morsø Grill ‘71 Table?

Yes, if you want the option of creating a cosy grill party atmosphere directly on the table so that you can all share the experience and the food from start to finish.

Morsø Kamino – the outdoor fire pit for a warm and cosy setting

Morsø Kamino View Product

If you are mainly after lots of cosiness and warmth, Morsø Kamino is perfect for you. Kamino is an outdoor fire pit that allows you to prolong the summer in the garden and on the terrace. The height of this outdoor fire pit is 180 cm and it is 50 cm across. It is made of cast iron and weighs 77 kg. As opposed to many other outdoor fire pits, you can move your Kamino around depending on wind directions and your terrace furniture. In addition, you can use the Kamino outdoor fire pit to grill light snacks such as twist bread, sausages or marshmallows.

When to choose a Kamino outdoor fire pit?

Go for a Morsø Kamino if warmth and cosiness is more important to you than cooking.

Morsø Jiko – food on the portable fireplace

Morsø Jiko View Product

Jiko is one of the newest Morsø products. With a height of 21.5 cm, a diameter of 32 cm and a weight of 13 kg, Jiko is designed to be taken along without having to compromise on the well-known Morsø quality. Inspired by the minimalistic, African outdoor kitchens, Morsø Jiko is wood-fired and you can also use it as a fire bowl. If you combine your Morsø Jiko with a Morsø cast iron grill grate, you end up with a Morsø grill or outdoor stove that allows you to prepare your food on the fire in the good old-fashioned manner – and in harmony with nature.

When to choose a Morsø Jiko?

Go for a Morsø Jiko if you want to prepare authentic food on an open fire. As an example, you can use the Jiko with a Morsø cast iron grill grate on top. With Morsø Jiko, you focus on cooking and cosiness – on the go.