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GBP 13,200.00

Enjoy the fire and the dancing flames in an entirely new way! With its uninterrupted, 3-sided glazing, the Morsø S-160-32 is the closest you can get to an invisible stove - visually an open fireplace.

The large continuous glass door gives a 3-dimensional and unhindered view of the fire. Morsø S160-32 opens up entirely new options for room layouts and stands out as a central feature of the house, leading to an exceptional class of exclusivity.

The inset is supplied with a frictionless rise-and-fall door closer that elegantly disappears behind the wall.

2 pcs. 455 mm Morsø Heating Grilles are needed
– one above and one below
Decorative frame
Support stand

  • Energy Performance Labelling
  • Rated Output
    12,6 kw
  • Operating Output (kw)
    6-17 kw
  • Heats from
    90 m2
  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Airwash system
  • Wood
  • EN
  • Height
    1395-1525 mm
  • Width
    550 mm
  • Dept
    912 mm
  • Weight
    258 kg