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Discontinued product

With the Morsø 6600 series of stoves, the renowned Morsø brand has successfully produced a stove that sets entirely new standards and captivates onlookers with a surprising elegance and lightness. What’s more, the view of the flames is bigger than it has ever been before. The stoves elliptical shape is complimented by a unique double door maximising the glass area. This provides a spectacular 180 degree view of the flames. The beautiful view of the flames is further enhanced by the gold tinted vermiculite that, like the stoves internal background view, is decorated with the legendary Morsø squirrel on the baffle – proof that this is a genuine Morsø stove.

  • Energy Performance Labelling
  • Rated Output
    5 kw
  • Operating Output (kw)
    3-6 kw
  • Heats from
    45 m2
  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Ash tray
  • Airwash system
  • Tertiary Air
  • Secondary airsupply
  • Wood
  • DIN+
  • EN/N
  • Height
    1016 mm
  • Width
    500 mm
  • Dept
    382 mm
  • Flue outlet top
    150 mm
  • Flue outlet rear
    150 mm
  • Weight
    138 kg
  • Chamber Width
    36 cm
  • Rear
    150 mm
  • Sides
    550 mm