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79NORD Frying pan - 28 cm

GBP 95.00

Morsø 28 cm steel skillet in the 79NORD design series. The skillet boasts a satin finish, inside as outside. It has a steel handle and a bottom thickness of 6.1 mm. The full steel induction bottom facilitates application on all heat sources.

The bottom of the skillet comprises an aluminium core enclosed by stainless steel (also known as a sandwich bottom), the outer layer of which is magnetic. The heat will be distributed and evenly and energy efficiently retained across bottom and sides. Not only is the skillet made of lightweight materials, it is also extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The skillet can be used on all heat sources – from conventional cooking plates, glass-ceramic and induction hotplates, to electrical and gas cookers. Suitable for dishwasher.

The 79NORD series is made of pure raw materials. Pots and pans have no coating, which means that the products can be recycled.

When properly maintained, the unique properties of the kitchenware will be well-preserved for decades. Never use scouring powder or sharp objects, as this may damage the surface. We recommend cleaning with a brush and warm soapy water before the first application of the skillet. Kitchen utensils of all materials can be used.