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79NORD Roasting pan w/grid

GBP 169.00

High-quality roasting pan in stainless steel with a 1 mm thick bottom. The roasting pan can be used without grid for the preparation of e.g. cakes and vegetables and with grid for roast pork, chicken and much more. The vertically positioned handles ensure easy grip and handling of the roasting pan. The roasting pan measures 40 x 25 x 10 cm inclusive of handles.

The 79NORD series is manufactured from pure raw materials. Pots and pans have no coating, which means that the products can be recycled.
Provided correct maintenance, the unique properties of the kitchenware will be retained for decades. Never use scouring powder or sharp objects, which can damage the surface. We recommend cleaning with a brush and hot soapy water before putting the pan into use for the first time.

Size: 40 x 25 x 9 cm  inclusive of handles.

Material: Stainless steel