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79NORD Steel frying pan with ceramic coating - 20 cm

GBP 69.00

Frying pan with ceramic non-stick coating, 20 cm; bottom thickness 6.1 mm. A member of Morsø’s 79NORD series. The pan, made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel, has a satin finish and a 2-layer non-stick ceramic coating. The pan can be used for all heating sources and withstands up to 250 degrees C in the oven. It is an excellent pan for everyday use, and it is easy to use as well as clean.

The bottom of the pan consists of an aluminium core encapsulated by a layer of steel on each side – also referred to as a sandwich bottom – which ensures an excellent heat distribution. The pan withstands the use of all types of kitchen utensils, although we recommend wood, plastic and silicone utensils. We also recommend washing by hand, as the dishwasher will shorten the life cycle of the ceramic coating.

Measurements: dia. 20 cm
Material: steel