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NAC Saucepan with lid 1,7 l

GBP 149.00

You'll take great delight in taking this beautiful cast-iron saucepan out of the stove drawer. The enjoyment spreads with the aroma from your delicious ingredients cooking in the pot. The saucepan has a beautiful wooden handle and is ideal for cooking sauces and boiling vegetables, rice and pasta. The cast iron simply improves with age and is the best way for you to get more flavour from your ingredients.

Presented in the saucepan, the food looks wonderful and the casserole stands out as an aesthetic addition to the dinner table.

The saucepan’s exclusive handle is made from oiled oak and must therefore not be used in the oven or grill.

Product details:

Description: Saucepan with oiled oak handle + lid
Suitable for all hob types (including induction).
Material: Twice lacquered cast iron
Design: Klaus Rath
Production start: 2015
Dimensions: Ø205x H 90 mm
Litres 1,7 litres