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NAC Sauté Cocotte with griddle pan 3,5 l

GBP 210.00

With the family together, dinner time always makes for an enjoyable atmosphere and in your NAC sauté cocotte you're making the most delicious tasting joint or simmering dish - no wonder they're all admiring your culinary skills. The sauté cocotte gets better each time it's used, simply giving you more and more enjoyment. You can also use the lid to grill a couple of tender steaks, so you can enjoy watching them cook and their juicy taste afterwards.

The cast iron's ability to retain heat and cook at very high temperatures provides the best conditions for making easy, everyday dishes as well as those a little more fiddly.

This unique cast iron is a guarantee of good quality and and it will never wear out.

Product details:

Description: Sauté Cocotte with griddle pan / bread pan.
Suitable for all hob types (including induction), ovens, and grills
Material: Twice enamelled cast iron
Design: Klaus Rath
Production start: 2015
Dimensions: Ø280 H 90 mm
Litres 3,5 litres