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Smoker Box

GBP 19.00

When used together with the Morsø Forno gas grill, the Morsø BBQ Smoker Box will provide an opportunity for the  – simple and elegant – obtainment of precisely such smoky flavours as you may desire.
Morsø BBQ Smoker Box is stoked with smoke pellets that are lit with a gas burner. When lit, the pellets will develop smoke for about 1 hour. If a longer period of smoke is required, you can easily refill the Smoker Box in the course of the process.
The objective behind the design of the Morsø BBQ Smoker Box was to make it as small and practical as possible – yet comprising the best possible performance within the most stylistically consistent design.
This way, the Morsø BBQ Smoker Box provides optimal space for the food to be placed around the box.

Material: stainless steel 430, anthracite grey
Dimension: H4 x Ø9 cm