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Outdoor Cookbook 2021

GBP 39.00

We love food. And we love people. But what we love the most is when people get together around food - which is why we wrote this cookery book. Over the years, we have been in contact with many people who, each in their own way, have enriched our small universe of Danish designed grill and outdoor products which were created for the very reason of being pivotal in the meeting between people and really good food. In the book, you are reading right now, we have reaped the benefits from these encounters and collected the recipes, stories, and culinary experiences they have provided.

Naturally, the recipes in the book were all created with the Morsø Outdoor products such as Forno, Forno Gas, Grill 17 and Jiko, as the point of departure, and they exploit the unique combination of material, design, and functionality that renders these products so well-suited for precisely these dishes. This is not to say that you should refrain from embarking on whatever ideas you may have. For the all-important thing is that you have amazing food experiences together with others who, like us, appreciate good food in good company. This is how this book was created and, also, how it should be used.

Yet, we cannot promise that this book will not make you set your heart on getting hold of a Morsø grill – so: be warned!


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