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Accessories for serving and cooking

At Morsø, we sell a wide selection of high-quality barbecue accessories for the perfect barbecue evening. As a true barbecue master, you must never skimp on equipment!

Among the barbecue accessories, you will find the Morsø fire tongs, which are perfect for the Morsø Forno outdoor oven. The attractive and functional tongs are made of powder-coated, stainless steel and ensure safe handling of the embers. The length of the pliers is adapted to Morsø Forno, but it can also be used with advantage for e.g. the Morsø Ignis fireplace or other grills and outdoor ovens. In addition, you can also the smart grill glove, made of solid suede, which ensures good insulation. The attractive grill glove is available for either the left or right hand and is suitable for both grills and wood-burning stoves.

A delicious barbecue menu deserves a nice serving. For this purpose, you can advantageously use Morsø's grill plates in enamelled cast iron. The solid and functional grill plate retains the heat and the raw look of the plate is a perfect match for the modern outdoor kitchen, while our roasting plate can also be used as a side dish.