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Brush & Scraper Kit

GBP 35.00

This ”two-in-one” solution contributes to the easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance of your grill and grilling grate.
The scraper will remove the ”coarse” residue and fat, thus preparing the ground for the subsequent and more elaborate work of the brush which will deal with the rest.
The sharp edges of the scraper will efficiently remove both grime and fat on, and between, the grilling slats and, similarly, its usability is considerable in matters involving spring cleaning of the Forno Gas grills’ lower and interior surfaces. Both scraper and brush were designed for suspension from the hooks of the Tavolo, Terra and Garden tables.

Material: Stainless steel brush, and Nylon scraper
Dimension: Brush L40 cm, scraper L30 cm.
Weight: 0,5 kg