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Vulcano Wok Burner

Common price: GBP 449.00
SAVE GBP 180.00
GBP 269.00

Asian food culture is loved worldwide. The taste, smell and visual delight of food cooked in a wok is unique. Morsø therefore wanted to design a Wok Burner for outdoor use that’s spectacular when it comes to strength, function and design. With its Nordic design, the Morsø Vulcano Wok Burner fits in perfectly with the popular Morsø outdoor range, where stylish design in beautiful, solid materials go hand in hand with top-of-the-line function. The Morsø Vulcano Wok Burner is also exceptionally robust, which makes it appealing both to professional chefs and everyone else who loves healthy, delicious and well-prepared food on the terrace.
Morsø’s accessories for the Wok Burner are the Morsø Vulcano Wok Pan and the Morsø Vulcano Tools set, consisting of the “Spatula, Spider and Spoon”.

Dimensions: H19,1/19,6 x D33/37,8 x W33 cm
Weight: 12,2
Grilling surface: N/A
Colour: Anthracite
Frying plate: Cast iron with enamel surface.
Base/table material: Powdercoated steel table. 
Body Material: Powdercoated steel with cast iron top 
Designer: Swift Creatives
Powerful 8 kW Wok Burner
Gas system: 
Product: Gas BBQ
Heat output: N/A
Burner setup: 1 burner (N/AkW)
Ignition System: Piezo Ignition. 


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