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Vulcano Wok Pan

GBP 85.00

The Morsø Vulcano Wok Pan is designed as an accessory for the powerful Morsø Vulcano Wok Burner. The stylish design, materials, function and ergonomics all come together beautifully, and the Morsø Vulcano Wok Pan is adapted to the Morsø Vulcano Wok Burner in both shape and colour. This means the Wok Pan and Burner form a harmonious whole. The pan is made of nitrogen-treated carbon steel, and its round base is ideal for cooking wok food. The slim and elegant oak handle provides a good, secure grip when the pan is turned and handled during cooking. With the Morsø Vulcano Wok Pan, the cooking experience starts in front of the flame.

Dia: 36 cm
Depth: 12 cm
Length: 55,5 cm
Weight: 1,42 kg 
Material: Carbon steel with nitrogen treatment + oak wood 
Designer: Swift creatives